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Alliance Softwares hosting servers are housed in a commercial web server with multi high speed links to the internet and they are mirrored and backed up daily.

Alliance Softwares It is good to make a right choice the first time, because if you have to move to another website hosting company, it will cost you time and you will lose some of your valued customers due to the downtime setting up with another host.
You will also have to pay set up and hosting fees for a new account.
Here are some basic things to consider when choosing a Web Hosting Company:
» Speed and reliability of the servers and hardware
» Make sure they have a high-speed server.
» They provide you good bandwidth

Some of the basic features of a web hosting service should include:
» At least 10MB of allocated space
» Good bandwidth
» Free Technical Support
» POP3 E-Mail Accounts
» Email Forwarding
» Email Auto-responders
» Email Aliases
» FTP Access
» FrontPage Support
» Own CGI-Bin Access
» Perl, CGI
» Server Side Includes (SSI)
» Password Protection

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